What has the world brought us to now that when something is going to involve our credit scores, we cringe?   Is it because we’ve been told that your credit score controls your financial future?  Maybe it’s because the 3 big credit bureaus are made out to be these unpenetrable organizations where they’ve got some power that rivals our very own Almighty Creator.   How did they get this power?  It sounds like they’re like the supervillains from comic books and it feels like they’re standing over you with their proverbial foot on your throat.  It sucks.

The good thing is, things are changing.  Maybe TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax used to have a lot more power, but luckily, our government actually did something right and gave consumers the right to dispute (yes, actually stand up for ourselves) anything that we wanted to in order to give ourselves a fair shot in life.  Who would have to thunk it?!

Life is too short to be paralyzed be thoughts and ideas that hold us down from progressing.  Credit shouldn’t be one more thing that we worry about because there are certainly other things that should and do matter more than credit scores and debt to income ratios.  Do we need to still try to be responsible for our money? Of course, we do.  Can we make mistakes in life?  We should certainly feel like it won’t ruin us if we do.  I’ve been down this road of ‘dings’ on my credit and I’ve taken the long way out by waiting patiently for things to disappear. 6 years of my life wasted because I didn’t have anyone on my side to shorten up the penalty time that those big companies put out there.

There are FREE legal services out there that will not only argue on your behalf, but there are options for you to get people who will actually teach you how to be smart and legally beat the credit bureaus at their own game.  Can you believe it?  What about the part that it’s free…?  Beware of the companies that charge you too much to do simple things for you.  There ARE free options along with fee-based choices where you have additional options to get solid help.  You don’t need a lawyer to dispute your credit, but would it be nice to have one?  Do some research.  Things are about to get really good for us.

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