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Credit Card Bill of Rights

The credit card industry has been running amuck for years now. They have worded their agreements in a way where they can do just about anything they want. Late payment fees, lowering your high credit limit, and raising your interest rates have always been easy for these credit card companies to get away with. FINALLY, the […]

Credit Score Changes

Most consumers wonder why their credit scores are so different. If you pull your own credit report, you will most definitely pull different scores than what a lender pulls. If you apply for a car loan, your scores will be different than if you are applying for a mortgage. Many people wonder why these scores are […]

Foreclosure & Credit Repair

Foreclosure is a word you have heard a lot from lately. More and more Americans are considering foreclosure, while others are enjoying the discounted sales prices that come with foreclosures. Buying a foreclosed home will save you thousands. Lenders price their foreclosures based on current appraisal snapshots of the current real estate market. The sales price […]